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                                         November December 2016 Family & Ministry Newsletter

                                                          Merry Christmas     .

Merry Christmas from our family to yours and from J C and Us Ministries.

First I would like to share what our daughter Kimberly wrote on her face book page.

Great church service today. I sat amongst ALL races. Blacks, whites. Indian ,Iranian, Asians to name a few. I don't know who everyone voted for and I don't care. Because we all worshipped our loving almighty God in peace and harmony. Our world needs hope. Our world needs GOD.

That is why Christmas is the most precious seasons there is. We celebrate God’s love toward each of us, praying you all have received the wonderful gift of His love.

First a bit about our family. The first picture is Alan, Kim and our youngest grandson John. He graduated from High School currently attending welding school and working full time at Scribner Plastic.

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Sarah is a full time student at CRC wants to be a radiology tech and has a job at Spaghetti Factory. Chris our oldest grandson, well last year I put in our newsletter he lost his job and girl friend but he still had his dog. WELL glad to report because of the newsletter Ron Wright, our ministry partner, read it and got him a job interview with the State Dept of O.H.V., he got the job at Prairie City motor cross dirt bike track.  Better year for Chris.

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Shandie Snyder is a librarian at an elementary school and is serious about a new person in her life. Justin, her boyfriend, is a Service Estimator at a Toyota dealership. Shandie and Justin have known each other since Jr. High School.

Mason has a part time job at our church, Creekside Christian Church, working with the Jr High and High school and is doing on line school.  He would like to get his degree to be a high school history teacher. 

Now For The Ministry

It’s been the most busy year ever .January Easy Rider,  May Elk Grove Western Festival, June Redwood Run,  July Fireworks and Ministry Booth along with Feeding Gods Children. The ministry had some very good team leaders for the fireworks booth.  Our daughter Kim did the paper work and got her team together, one team worked that and the other part of the team went to Hollister Independence Rally, July 101 Run in Trinidad, August, Sturgis S. Dakota, September, St Vibrations Reno, October 85th Fowler Fall Festival,  and now November and December Christmas toy Runs and outreaches.

To keep the Ministry in the black did not happen, the Fireworks helped some, but the RV needed, tires $800, Batteries $500, Electrical problems $500.  That was bad enough beside all the extra ministry supplies needed and fuel. However, on the way to Sturgis our axle broke on the RV after hitting something in the road the tow bill was over $4300, plus the repairs around $14,000. Insurance Company has been a problem for us, the first tow just pulled us to the side of the road, and that is all the insurance company wants to cover. Plus the repairs they do not want to cover.  We sure need prayers; we are still fighting with the insurance company to get it covered.  We have it charged on the credit card and need to get that paid off.

When we were broke down beside the highway, open up the devotion for the day; it was titled Never Give UP.

God knew what we needed then; with Him all things are possible.

Plus it is also time to think about 2017 to get the supplies ready again starting off with the Easy Rider Show in January.

Each Ministry outreach was special; salvations God used the Ministry to touch lives for Him. Each one there is a special story to tell.

Sunday November 27th was the Ministry first Christmas outreach for 2016. The weather had been cold and raining but Sunday morning the sun was shining.  It was the MMA toy run which is lead by the Hells Angels, where we got to share in the true meaning of Christmas.  In word, deed, message and song with the help of the Ministry P.A. system.

We had free crafts, free Jesus Loves Me balloons, items for young and old with the true message on each item.  At 11 we got to have a short Christmas Service. 

We thank all who helped at this event, for Greg West our J C and Us Ministries Chaplin is was hard for him to be at this outreach; because on November 7th his son Jonathan passed away at the age of 34.  Pray for the West family. Their hearts are broken but their love for the Lord is strong. 

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We appreciate all the prayers and support.  We pray for you as we put your newsletter in the envelope. Thank you.  It’s not just Rich and I; it’s the US that works together for our Lord and we Thank ALL who is a part of the US.

May the Lord watch over you and those you love this Christmas…and keep you in the warmth of the holy star, the peace of the angels’ song, the hope of His eternal love. Merry Christmas Fear not: for, behold I bring you good tidings of great joy….Luke 2:10

Merry Christmas


Rich and Jennie Hardesty  

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January 13 Set Up Booth for Easy Rider – 14th Easy Rider Bike Show J C and Us Ministry Booth

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