JC and US Ministries 


  JC and Us Ministries is a Non - Profit Christian Missionary outreach, to present the Love of Jesus Christ to Bikers  and others. Rich and Jennie have both asked the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives and are committed  to serving Him.

This is why we have established JC and Us Ministries. We believe in God : Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

 Following is  a little taste of our lives.

We were brought up in Christian homes. We met while attending Elk Grove High School. Rich lost his parents  and his sister  shortly after graduating from High School , in a car accident. His brother was badly injured, but recovered. They  were on the way to South Dakota for a family vacation. Rich was not in the car because he was in the service and was about  to leave on duty. 

Jennie grew up on a dairy farm, where she was taught how a family works together. Jennie's family was quite self-sufficient and produced most of their own food. After graduating from High School, Rich and Jennie  were wed in  June. We are celebrating  more than 40 years of Marriage. Rich's father  owned an Auto Body Repair shop and he  taught Rich the trade. Rich worked for other shops after his father's death until he opened his own auto body and  repair shop and Towing Service in Sacramento. 

Jennie was a Stay at Home Wife and Mother , and they were blessed with two daughters, Kimberly and Tammie. Rich  and Jennie have since been blessed with Five Grandchildren as well. 

                                        We have made Jesus the head of our home. 

We love to work with children and have taught Sunday school classes. We  have taught water skiing at Sky Mountain Christian Camp, and have done Outreach in Mexico. In addition, Rich was  a Deacon at our  Church. We have owned several motorcycles in the past, inc. BMW's , Hondas, ETC. We did however  put motorcycling to the side because it was not a sport that the Family could do together. Instead we were  involved in boating, water skiing , and snow skiing. After the girls were grown and married, we purchased a Harley Davidson  motorcycle. We had been working in the church for some time, and decided to take some time off from church work,  and see God's creation on our Harley, BUT the Lord was leading us into a  different ministry, a different world! Seeing all of those lost adults and children, that are in the motorcycling world, and how much they needed Jesus in their lives, we started going to their Rallies, Poker Runs, and  campouts.

We joined the Christians Motorcyclist Association ( CMA) and rode with other Christian Bikers into these places. That was approx. 15 years ago. Although we are still with CMA, the Lord has lead us into  our own ministry, JC and US Ministries. This last year we were on the road for 100 days, plus Poker Runs,  Biker meetings, Church presentations, etc. We traveled across the US with the Monte Perlin Family Stunt  Team. They ride motorcycles in a steel globe, which is sometimes called the "Globe of Death". Monte Perlin   was the "Stunt Double" for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Movie Terminator  III .