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“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31

                                                                                  September - October 2015

Dear Ministry Partners;

A friend of ours gave us this beautiful prayer that we would like to share, because it is our prayer for you: As you go on your way; May God go with you. May He go before you; To show you the way. May He go behind you to encourage you; Beside you to befriend you; Above you to watch over you; And within you to give you peace. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Since we arrived home from Minnesota it has been one busy time with biker runs, events, meetings, and different outreaches. One thing we did was share with Feeding God’s Children at their inner city outreach on North Watt. We joined in and helped as they fed many people a delicious, free hot breakfast. That was just a part of it; as they sat down to enjoy the breakfast a team member came and sat down right beside them to minister to them. There were many Salvations that day.

September 21st to the 28th J C and Us Ministries went to Reno, Nevada for Street Vibrations. Eric Towle and Richard Bigger came along in our RV to help. We were hoping and praying that Monte Perlin would be there with the Globe, but that did not happen. On Sundays we always have a Biker Church around the Globe, but since there was no Globe we requested that we have a Biker Church on the streets. It was going to be put in the program but that did not happen. Here are a few of the prayer requests I had for Street Vibrations since Monte was not there:

That Ministry would be able to have a good spot and if possible be with the RV on the Street

That the Ministry would be able to have a Biker Church

That we would have Music at the Service

That I could bring Sugar.

Road Shows said we could have a booth on the street but that there was no room for the RV bus at that time, so since there was no room for the RV bus we were going to leave it in a parking lot, so that meant I could not bring my dog Sugar. Sugar was a stray that came to our home shortly after Tammie’s passing and we take Sugar every time we take the RV. So I had to leave Sugar behind, I didn’t want to take Sugar and compromise a spot that God wanted us to have just to have Sugar with me.


When we arrived on Tuesday morning for set up Road Shows said we could have a booth on the street but that there was no room for the RV bus at that time, but then they gave us a great spot for the RV with the booth right on the street.

The Ministry was given a great location for the Biker Church on Sunday right on Main Street with a stage at a great time: 10 am.

We asked so many people a head of time, but no one could do the music. Then, Saturday we had the flyer about the Service posted on the booth. A lady came up to us and asked “Do you need music at the Service?” That was the Holy Spirit arranging it. The husband has a Church in Fresno and they have a heart for evangelistic outreach. They came on Sunday along with their daughter and son who played the guitar. The music was beautiful.

Since there was originally no room for the RV on the street next to the booth, we were going to have to leave it in the parking lot, which meant that I could not bring my dog Sugar. However, while we were setting up the booth Tuesday morning I found out that I did not pack any sock tracts. Sock tracts are pairs of new socks with the tract inside it about what path are you taking. I had asked Rich before if I could rent a car and go home to pick up Sugar since we were given a booth spot with the RV, but he said no. But once we realized that I forgot the sock tracts, I needed to go home and get them plus other items I had forgotten like shower bags because there are a lot of homeless in Reno. Rich finally said yes. So I rented a car, went home for the necessary supplies, picked up Sugar, and was back to Reno in a few hours.

God said YES to each of the four requests.



While I was gone on Tuesday, we know Satan was not pleased that we were at that rally: a lady driving a car didn’t see my beautiful trike parked on the street by the booth. All streets were blocked off because that’s where the booths were set up; how she got on the street we do not know. She hit my trike; there is over four thousand dollars damage. Most of the damage was done under the trike and God still used it and it drew the people in when they saw it. Still, it was not very drivable because of the damage underneath.

There were THREE SALVATIONS that week; the team prayed with many others and the outreach to the homeless was good as we were able to feed many as they came by because we had the RV there. They touched our hearts and we received them as friends.

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Saturday was a real busy day but God supplied a good team to come and help. Kimberly, Renee, Joe and Beverly came; they were busy passing out Jesus Loves Me balloons, plus ministering to others as they came by. Beverly and Joe were able to help on Sunday too. Tim was busy face painting. As they waited they could make a kids bag with gospel items in each bag with a good book. 

It was a real busy time. Many leather key rings were also given out with a Special message on each one, Scripture coins, socks with tracts, Scripture Rags, wordless books, Hell Fighters New Testaments, plus other items. Thank you to all who came to help, and thank you who support the Ministry in different ways.

The Sunday Service was a Spirit Filled Service. God is good! We had the special music, Eric with a poem, Jennie and Randy, and Rich gave the message. It was a real busy but Blessed week.

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Winter is coming, but the Ministry time does not show down. Christmas outreaches are coming with toy runs and a swap meet. The MMA toy Run is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 29th. The Hells Angels lead the run and their Swap meet is in Dixon Dec. 6th; at each of these events we will have a booth. January 9-10th 2016 Easy Rider Motorcycle Show at Sacramento Convention Center, praying about having a booth there. Many more outreaches will be announced, as they happen all the time. First Saturday breakfast and ride starts at 9 am at Mikes Dinner in Elk Grove.

Please join in with us in Celebration of the Reason Why we celebrate Christmas at the J C and Us Ministries Christmas Party. (No first Saturday breakfast at 9 am in December).

J C and Us Ministries is very appreciative of all the support of different kinds we receive. We say a special prayer for you each time we put your newsletter in the envelope.                                                                         

The Ministry Thanks you for your Support.

  In HIS Service;

  Rich and Jennie Hardesty

 Remember-First Saturday of the month Fellowship breakfast then ride at  9 a.m. at Mike’s Diner. You do not have to be a member of the Ministry to join in with us.  Cars are welcome.

Call Rich for updates 916-599-0705