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ďBut they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint.Ē  Isaiah 40:31

                                                                   September - October 2017

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                                 First off we would like to THANK you for your prayers and the support that has come into the Ministry.

We still are in need of both.   It takes time for a concussion to heal, would love it if my taste, smell and hearing would come back.  By next spring should be able to ride the motorcycle again. It has been a time of healing for our motor home too. We thought we left it in a good place for repairs in Rawlins, Wyoming.  It was a very large diesel place that repairs trucks and they told us they repaired motor homes too.  After many promises when it would be done, was told it would be done on the 12 of Sept., we rented a car from Elk Grove. The car was to be dropped off at Rock Springs on the way home at the airport only place that had a rental car nearby.  Then we were told it would be done on the 13th arrived the morning of the 13th not done, it would be done on the 14th not done, then on the 15thfinally we received the motor home at closing time. Each day we had to be there meant extra day for the rental car and hotel room.  We asked for the bill that Friday afternoon said we would get it when the motor home was done.  The cost was to be $3000.max a verbal quote, it was $6000. Not happy about that, Rich was told if you want your motor home you pay.  It was closing time would not reopen until Monday.  Jennie was driving the car; Rich was driving the motor home about 100 miles to the airport to return the car so we would not have to pay an extra day.  The motor home would not go over 25 miles an hour up the hills, it was ruining so very bad.  Jennie became ill, over the cost of the motor home, it would not run and so far from home.  There was a road side rest, Jennie phoned Rich to pull over which we spent the night there, during the night Rich inspected the motor home found hoses that were not hooked up.  It was a miracle we made it home the way the engine was put in. Rich offered the owner of the shop  at Rawlins a newsletter his reply was ďI donít need that, I have my own God. ď Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Satan sure tried to destroy our motorhome.Greater is He that is in me than he than he who is in the world. 

Was to be home by Saturday and team to be there to help us load up for Street Vibrations the following week, did not make that, canceled that was to be home Sunday to load up, arrived home Sunday evening.  A great team came Monday morning and helped us load up for St. Vibrations in Reno, left Tuesday morning, the motor home would not run good at all, came back home inspected it again. So we left on Wednesday morning broke down above Auburn, had to get it towed home.  So tired and frustrated after spending all the money for the motor home it would not run.  Now itís at a shop in Elk Grove found a lot of wrong on how it was put in, another $2000 from repair at a shop in Elk Grove. We are dealing with the credit card that we put the first $6000.00 we stopped that payment.  Praying it will be taken care of the right way.

The Ministry team wanted to go up to St Vibration anyway; we had 300 Scripture Rags printed up with St. Vib name on it with a very good tract in it.  So a team went up Saturday morning.  We got to see our youngest member working the Street of Reno, Jason, he loved passing out the tracts and key rings. He did a great job.  It didnít turn out the way we wanted it to, but God did our ministry in a different way.  We all had a blessed day working the streets of Reno, sharing the Love of Jesus.



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Off to Fowler the next weekend, Richard and Charlotte who are a part of J C and Us Ministries, Fowler is their home town and their town celebration and Rich and Charlotte are also celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, so they rode in the parade in wedding attire, then came to the Ministry booth where it was already very busy.  We offered free children crafts which was their own bag they decorated then we filled them with gospel goodies. We did 125 bags in about 3 hours, also got to share the Word less book several times and share the Love of Jesus many times We thank all who helped at each event and for the support. THANK YOU

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A note of praise, Hope for Emily, who have been praying and giving to have her Kidney transplant.  The Goal was meet she is now on the transplant list.  Keep praying for the family her mom Janise is very ill with cancer herself. One night last week we didnít think she was going to make it, but she is now out of ICU and doing better.


* A Message From Chaplain Greg*

Reno Street Vibration and Something More

Evangelistic ministry which is what J.C.&US is greatly associated with had once again the opportunity to reach out to a mass of lost souls at the Reno Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally Event. While adjustments had to be made away from the normal participation at this Rally, the ministry was not deterred from its purpose to reach out to the biker world with the gospel.

Instead of being a participant at this event for 4-5 days, God meant for us to attend just 1 day. That day was Saturday the 30th of October. Let me share with you for a moment how this day went without a booth setup, without the special motorcycles to attract onlookers, without face painting, balloons, a table full of free material and items that help one to reflect about our Lord Jesus.

We had 300 or so shop rags to extend to the throng as we walked through the midst of confusion looking for anybody that would stop and talk. All 300 rags with a gospel message were handed out. Some responses were pretty blatant, abrupt and sometimes could be considered rude but the majority of folks accepted the rag with thanks and willing to hear a short blurb about reading the ďmaterial inside to understand about the greatest gift that has ever been offered. Eternal Life through Jesus Christ the LordĒ.

Thatís it?  No!!!!!

Give me your ear for a moment longer.

What would you say is the greatest event that has ever taken place in your life?

Marriage, Childbirth, getting that job youíve always wanted, hitting a home run, hitting a jackpot on a one armed bandit, having someone encourage you with uplifting words? I know the list could go on.

Have you ever considered the greatest event in your life is the moment you stepped out of darkness into the light of Godís grace? Oh my, what an event! The day your eyes were opened to realize your position before God and recognize your need for forgiveness and finding it in Jesus sacrifice on the cross of Calvary.

Oh Good Grief Charlie Brown! HAH!!!!

This is an event worth sharing with others. That event in your life is what can be called your personal testimony and is the single greatest event in your life. I think we will not fully grasp all that is encompassed in that event until the day we stand before the Lord.

Ok, so is there a point to this?  I thought you would never ask.

Your testimony of what God has done in your life is the single most important message you could give to somebody else. Itís all yours and nobody elseís of what God has done for you. Who can deny that? Nobody! It is the time when God met with you personally. Oh Praise God for this event. Yes? YES!

If you have never shared your testimony with someone else let me encourage you to do so.  Take some time to write it out if need be. In this way you are reiterating and reliving, probably with a better understanding, what has actually happened when you came to faith in Christ Jesus.

Please accept an invitation to join J.C.& US Ministries in its next outreach and share with someone what God has done in your life.

I guarantee you will be blessed.

Godís Favor,

Chaplain Greg


We very much appreciate all the support that has been received for the Ministry and for Emily.  Now itís time to get ready for the Christmas Season, and itís a busy time for the Ministry.

Nov. 4th Fellowship Breakfast back to 9 am

Nov 26 MMA toy run Booth and Christmas Service

Dec. 2nd No Fellowship Breakfast Ė Ministry Christmas Party

Look for emails coming to you about more outreaches

                                                                                                     In HIS Service

                                                           Richard & Jennie Hardesty