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                                                                                    September - October 2016



These past two months, has showed God’s faithfulness to supply what we need when we need it, to do the Ministry God has called us to. There was a terrible BIG fire in Sand Canyon. It burnt the trailer, bikes and did damage to the Monty Perlin's Globe that was going to be used at Street Vibrations in Reno.  Monty had welders look at the Globe and was told it could not be repaired.  Monty called Rich with the news, the words can’t be repaired is not used very much with Rich.  Rich told Monty to bring the Globe to Reno and it will get put up.  Jennie called Kim, their daughter, and told her what was happening.  Our grandson Chris just went down to L A and moved his friend Shelby, back to Elk Grove who did not have a job yet but Shelby was a welder and so was Chris. They offered to come up to Reno to help with the Globe.  That was God supplying what was needed.  Loaded up the welder in our trailer. On Tuesday they set up the Globe that was going to be used on Wednesday. It usually takes 4 hours to set the Globe up, it took 14 hours.  Even with the extra help that we had. God supplied what was needed when we needed it.  

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                                            Chris, Monty, Mike, Rich and Shelby working hard to get the Globe back together.

On Wednesday morning we opened up the devotion for that morning it was title Fiery Trials, with these word at the end of the devotion “Faith is seeing God in the dark and in the light”. With James 1: 2 being the verse for the day  Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

The Globe shows were better than ever because of the testimony that was shared at each show that Monty puts his trust in the Lord through the fires of life.

All went well until after the first show on Saturday. The arms that hold up the Globe were breaking because of the fire that weakened  them.  It looked like it was going to be a “special show” it looked like it was going to roll down the street, not good.  God provided team workers to get the Globe put back together, took out the welder; by the next show it was ready.  Thanks To all who helped.

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It was very busy at the Booth, God used us to pray, help, and reach out to others with His Love Saturday was a very busy day with extra Kid's outreaches

at the booth with free face painting and kid's bags filled with Gospel Goodies. God provides the Team to help, and We thank all who came to share in the ministry.

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Sunday was a special day with the Sunday service at the Globe.  The message was presented in different ways with testimonies, Globe riding, gospel skits and message.




Being home we are still busy with the ministry.  Going to other home biker events and repairing and getting supplies ready for the next events.

A new event the Ministry went to was Fowler Fall Festival, Fowler is near Fresno.  Richard and Charlotte are on the board of the Ministry and Fowler is Charlotte home town, it was on her heart that the Ministry should have a booth at this event.  It was a great event, it started with a home town parade that we rode on bikes in, plus having the booth it was a very busy time.  The Ministry was very well received and we were invited back to other events coming up in Fowler.  We were the only Ministry booth there, glad the Ministry could be a part of it.

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We thank all of the Ministry partners.  We pray God’s Blessing be with you. You Bless His Work with the Ministry help you supply.  The Ministry has never been so busy, more doors are opening all the time. Sometimes it is hard to keep the joy that is talked about in James, because there are trials and we have them.  We are trying to recover from all the break downs we have had recently.  We are to keep the faith and the joy will be there.


Our Fellowship Ride starts at 9 am at Mikes Dinner, first Saturday of the month except for December with the Christmas Party at our home.

                                                       October 17th Ride to Ken Duffy Memorial Golf tournament

                                                        November 27 MMA Toy runs with a booth there

                                                        December 4 MMA Swap meets with a booth there

                                                        December 18 Feeding Gods Children Outreach

                                                     More events to come, questions contact Rich 916-599-0705.


Thank you for all the support that comes to J C and Us Ministries.




Rich and Jennie Hardesty