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“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31






May  2016





We are busy with biker meetings and events that we attend during the month.  Last week end was the Elk Grove Western Festival Outreach.  We wish to THANK ALL who came to help at this event.  I ask Chaplin Greg West to write the newsletter outreach report on this event.

Hello All,

On April 30th, May 1st the J.C. and US Ministry manned a booth at the Elk Grove Western Festival.  One may ask why, as the Western Festival is not a motorcycle event and J.C. and US is primarily a motorcycle outreach ministry.  I guess the best way for me to put it is, “opportunity”.

Ephesians 5:16 indicates Christians should be "making the most of every opportunity." What is meant is simply to make the best possible use of all circumstances and not waste the time.

J.C. and US seeks to make a difference in people’s lives for eternity.  “We may never pass this way again,” so the lyrics go in one song by Seals and Crofts. Well we as Christians know the true depth of that statement; we may never have the opportunity again to make a difference in someone’s life. 

The Western Festival started for J.C. and US on Friday April 29th when the setting up of the booth and stage area started.  This took man power.  Thank you to all who assisted in this. Your help was invaluable in the successful outreach of this ministry. Setup is essential for the purpose of meeting the populace that attends this event. Saturday morning started with a fellowship breakfast, then a move over to the park for further setup of the many things offered by the ministry to the attending public.  I might add everything this ministry does at this event for the public is free. There can be no repercussion that says we just look to fleece people of their money.  God has supplied and we take every opportunity to extend God’s love.

Early Saturday morning we gathered to pray around the booth and stage area to give this time to the Lord’s work.  Just a side note, prayer is the real battle here.  When it comes to extending the gospel to individuals that will change the course of their lives for eternity it is prayer that wields the sword to chop away the web of deceit. Keep praying ya all.  Oops did I just say ya all.  Where did that come from?

Shortly after prayer and completion of setup, a young high schooler was seen wondering toward our booth to check out what it was we were all about.  A time of discussion ensued and this young man sat and prayed asking for forgiveness and receiving the greatest gift ever offered, eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. I would say this was a wondrous way to start this weekend

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Unless you have been with us at some point on this outreach you may have difficulty seeing what is offered to the public so I will try and paint a picture. The associated photos will give you a glimpse as well. God has planted us each year next to the carnival ride area. This of course allows for a flow of people traffic with many children. The ministry supplies crafts for the young at heart to engage in. Rich and Jennies Boss Hoss bikes are always an attraction and they allow the curious to sit on the bikes, and we are able to take a digital picture, printing it out and framing it for the photogenic folks giving them a memento of the event. On the back of the frame is the gospel presentation. 

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We extend to passersby many items, one of which is a souvenir shop rag with the gospel track in it and a message on the cloth referencing Romans 10:9-10.  There are helium filled balloons given away with the statement “Jesus Loves You” on it. A station around the booth that many enjoy is the face-painting station where many line up to have one of the ministries servants, Tim, perform a great talent and service that attracts people to the booth. A table of free items is provided referencing Bible verses, along with books, Bibles and various items leading ones thought to the gospel.  All for free mind you. While many stand around, whether under the shade of the trees in our area or waiting for their children to finish a craft, the opportunity avails itself to share with many what God has made available. 

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                            Saturday The Ministry had free face painting, decorating their own bags, filled with Gospel goodies. Sunday Free sand art with a sticker on top, 

                            "Jesus Loves Me " each receiving a free book on God's Love.


We use this opportunity to mingle with the crowd to share the gospel.  Sometimes conversations are brief and sometimes they are long but they are hopefully leaving the recipient with an understanding of their need for a relationship with God. Sometimes the opportunity is just to pray for another believer who is struggling, or to extend a loving hug to someone who needs encouragement.

As you can see there are many things going on. All the while ministry is going on around the booth, the stage is used constantly by a music minister. Thank God for Howard from Feeding God’s Children ministry who supplied a constant outpouring of praise, worship and testimony of God’s working.  A picture comes into mind just now of battle happening in the trenches while there is an umbrella of praise to God going on constantly over the trenches and those who are administering the gospel.  Yee Hah! Can you see it?  In the Lord’s work there are many things going on that are obvious but what we do not see often is the battle waging around us.  The spiritual battle which wages on behalf of God’s servants is bolstered by the praise/prayer support coming from the stage as worship is continual. Christians should always keep in mind the following passage:

Ephesians 6:12

 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Howard sang Saturday and Sunday all day long. Plus Greg joined in on Saturday some and most of Sunday, and the Sunday Service. Music filled the air, one couple got off the Ferris Wheel Ride which was set up next to us and Thanked us for the Music. All that the Ferris Wheel heard testimony in Word and Song those days.

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Sunday started off with our church service in the park.  Worship, Ventriloquism, and message.

We continue through the day taking every opportunity we see to present the gospel to those that come by and we finish up thanking the Lord that we have been used to extend His word to those that would hear leaving them in His hands.

I will complete this write up of the Western Festival with this story that was conveyed to me by Marti who worked in the craft booth:

A couple of little gals ages 9-12 were doing the crafts and as Marti was helping them a conversation arose that gave pause to the reason we make ourselves available here.  The 2 little ones shared with Marti how they look forward every year, for the past 3 years, to seeing the J.C. and US Ministries booth as they love coming to do the crafts. What a wonderful impact JC and US has had in reaching out and making themselves available to be used of God.

Lift up the name of Jesus and give Him thanks for He alone is worthy of it. (Sincerely Chaplain Greg)

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At the booth Kim was busy letting people know about the fund raiser coming up for J C and Us Ministries and Feeding God’s Children, with a Fireworks booth starting June 26th to July 4th.

The Western Festival Outreach was so good.  To God is the Glory.  Right now J C and Us Ministries has more outreaches that last year. 

Next few months  up coming outreaches

                                                                                       NEW FELLOWSHIP RIDE TIME-first Sat. of the month-8 am at Mikes Dinner

                                                                        June 8th-12th Redwood Run-Many outlaw bike at this event. 

                                                                        June 26-July 4th Fireworks booth with a Ministry booth there too.

                                                                        June 29 leave for Hollister – July 3rd. Big outreach there

                                                                          Appreciate Prayer, financial support, Ministry workers.

                                                                                                         In HIS Service;

                                                                                                   Rich and Jennie Hardesty