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                                                                                                    To Bikers and Others

                                                                                                Rich and Jennie Hardesty

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“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31


                                                                                              March - May 2017

The weather has changed, the ride season is here.  We have been busy going to many different biker events. Our lives evolve around what biker event we will attend.  We could not do it without you.  From the ones that help get the supplies ready, folding Scripture Rags, getting the Children bags ready, all the team work, prayer support, financial support.   We started off with a booth at Creekside Christian Church to gain support for Western Festival, it’s a Big Town event at Elk Grove Park. It's proven many in Elk Grove do not know about the Love of Jesus, you don’t have to travel far to be a witness for Him.  

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There were salvations, prayer, free kids crafts; hundreds of free books were given out to the adults and kids, along with leather key ring, Scripture Rags, tracts. Etc

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While the Ministry Booth was very busy there was Gospel music on the stage that we set up.  Sunday we started off the day with a Worship Service in the park. 


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The weather was beautiful, we THANK ALL who came out and helped at this outreach.  All the free crafts contained the message of God’s love, free face painting, 100’s of photo taken with people sitting on the trike, which we put their photo in a frame with the plan of Salvation on the back.  There was so much witnessing going on.  I hope the pictures will tell the story.  WE THANK ALL WHO CAME TO HELP.  Everyone played a very important part.

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                                                   J C and Us Ministries now is on Face Book, there are a lot of pictures that help tell the story. 

Here is a note from our Chaplain Greg

Various Sides of Faith

As J.C. & US Ministries completed another outreach event, it occurred to me that within this evangelistic outreach at the Western Festival in Elk Grove, faith accompanied it in various facets. Of course from the member’s perspective, our faith in Jesus which spurs us on to reach out as we did. There is also faith involved as we go through our day trusting God for His provision, protection, and fulfilled purpose.

Sometimes as in our ministry outreach we do not get to see efforts come to fruition. Evangelism is something we do to extend the gospel, good news of Jesus to others in fulfilling part of the great commission. Seldom, however do we get to see the fruit of our labor. So it is and was with those preachers of old who would stand on a soapbox and preach without a recognized audience except those walking by. Some would stop to listen and possibly just long enough to recognize truth resonate in their heart.

On our kitchen window sill we have 3 small cups and in each one seeds have been planted in hopes they sprout to then be transplanted to a more fertile and sizable place in the garden. At this stage after 2 weeks only 1 has shown signs of healthy growth. So it is with evangelism. We plant; God at a future time perpetuates the sprouting and growth.

J.C. & US while extending love in other ways is primarily an evangelism outreach. We seek to plant that God waters and growth happens. Lest frustration and discouragement enters in it behooves us to recognize our work is a work of faith.

God bless you team for your faithfulness in serving others and going forth to extend the truth of the gospel to a world in great need.

Chaplain Greg

During the past month one of J C and Us Ministry member passed on James, he loved the Lord.  We also attended a Hells Angel Memorial; don’t think he was ready to meet the Lord.  That’s why we are out there, praying the ones that are lost, will do a U turn and give their lives to the Lord.

There has been a Change in our Fellowship Breakfast, new time and place

First Saturday of the month Breakfast will be at The Barn Café, 8976 Gantline Road, Elk Grove at 8 a.m.

June  9th and 10th –Dixon Swap Meet

June 28-July 4th J C and Us Ministries will have a fireworks booth  by Black Bear Diner  on Bond Road-call Kim 916-9952525 if you can HELP. We need a lot if help in the booth.

July  18 -23rd 101 Highway Run-With Monte Globe-O-Cross

July 30th Booth at Creekside Christian Church

July 31 Leave for STURGIS, S. Dakota.

                                                                                          In HIS Service

                                                                             Rich and Jennie Hardesty