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“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31





 March - April - May 2015





We wish to thank all who have supported us in this Ministry.

(Personal Life)

 These past few months we have been extremely busy. We had a break in our ministry schedule and were able to enjoy some vacation time with Pastor Dan and Nancy from Arizona.  Jennie had a hospital visit with kidney stones and feared she would not be able to make the trip, but God worked everything out. We visited our granddaughter Shandie when she received a number of special awards at the University of San Diego and the trip back picked up her brother Mason from Hume Lake. He had an exciting trip to the Holy Lands with his School the Joseph Wilderness Institute. While we were away our granddaughter, Sarah Hunt, received a large Scholarship at an awards ceremony at her school and we are proud of all her achievements, as well and we were sorry we could not attend her special night. 


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                                               Pastor Don & Nancy                Shandie                        Mason            Sarah , Teachers  & Friends

We have also been busy with the Ministry. We went on motorcycle rides with the out-law groups and the Harley group plus J C and Us Ministries events and biker meetings.

We are very pleased that we have three new members to J C and Us Ministries, Richard Bigger, his son Mathew and Gabriel.  Each one helped at the Western Festival.

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May was the Western Festival in Elk Grove and it is always a great time of Ministry there.  This is an email that Greg West sent out during the Western Festival, and it describes what the event is about and why we are there as a Ministry.

Hello Fellow Sojourners in the Lord,

 Today was an active day for the JC and US ministry.  Just some thoughts for you to ponder.

Let's consider what people at the Western Festival experienced today. They arrived to experience an outing full of good food, venders where they may have found something to purchase or a service provided at a later date. They possibly experienced horseback rides, an exhilarating ride in the amusement ride section, watching a western gun fight, enjoying a sit down to here a band or 2 while catching some sun. I am sure you can add to this list many things the attendees of this event experienced. 

Should they have met up with our end of the park they would have been greeted with a friendly challenge? That challenge?  To consider their eternity and who gave His life that they may have this gift of eternity with God in heaven.

Many were spoken to and a seed was planted for these to consider the Lord Jesus Christ as the only means of salvation and a reason for hope here and now.

Can you see any of these people pondering their day and finding emptiness in all of it except when they remember the challenge to consider their eternity?

I would like to ask you to pray that God would have the victory through this night and that those that heard the gospel today would not turn away from it as if it was just another menial experience along with the rest of the activities they involved themselves in.

Pray that these folks have the eyes of their hearts opened to grasp the truth of what has been shared with them and then accept Jesus.

From there, it is the Lord's work to draw whom He may.

God's Favor,

Greg West

Fellow Minister of the Gospel

JC and US Ministries

God worked it out for His Glory. First we received a phone call from Dave and Roxie of, Streams in the Desert if we would like to have them play at the Western Festival on the stage by our booth.  We were Blessed to have Streams in the Desert and Howard from Feedings God Children and Greg West from J C and Us Ministries filled the air with the beautiful music of God’s Love.



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Some of our regular helpers that always came could not make it this year, but God had it under control sent those He wanted. We received another phone call from Ron and Marilyn our friends from Folsom and one from a woman named Terry who heard Greg and Marti West share about the Ministry in there Sunday School Class. They all came and helped both days. To them and all the others who helped WE THANK YOU. Both days were extremely busy for the Lord, but praise God for all the seeds where planted for Him. Using the gospel murals painted on Rich’s bike, Rich was able to share of God’s love with pictures and words which led a man to receive Jesus as his savior. Another man rededicated his life to the Lord


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Sunday morning started off with a Spirit Filled Worship Service, Richard opened the Service, Howard led the music part of the Service with special music by Greg and also gave the message. There was a Gospel poem by Eric and Jennie and Randy presented a Gospel Skit. There was something for people of all ages.

The Children Ministry part was also extremely busy days, face painting, and many pictures were taken on the trike, then they received the framed picture with the plan of Salvation on the back of the frame.

It was a great Ministry time at the park and we could not have been there if it wasn’t for our Ministry Partners.

This year there may be two new events for the Ministry. There may be a BIG outreach right here in Elk Grove with Monte Perlin’s Globe-O-Cross on father’s day weekend. An email will be sent out when and where, and another in Minnesota in August. This may prove to be interesting. Sturgis is in early August and Minnesota is late in August with Mason’s graduation August 8th so we have to be home. We praying about how to be home in time for the graduation and still attended both events.  One way is to rent a car leaving our RV and all the supplies in Sturgis or to fly home and then come back to Sturgis and go to the Minnesota event.

When we are not on the road we are still busy with the local motorcycle events and outreaches. 


The Ministry Thanks you for your Support.


In HIS Service;


Rich and Jennie Hardesty


Remember-First Saturday of the month Fellowship breakfast then ride at 8 a.m. at Mike’s Diner. You do not have to be a member of the Ministry to join in with us.  Cars are welcome.

Call Rich for updates 916-599-0705