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                                                                                         January - February 2017



Getting ready for another years of service. We praise God for all of the support that has come in this past year.

Prayers, support of different kinds and financially.

Last year was a hard year financially, but starting off this year we have around $2000.00 in the Red. That’s very

Good compared to what the Ministry was. Plus we had a big workday at our home for the February fellowship

Ride. We thank all who came to help. We folded 732 socks with a tract, 125 shower bags ready, and 124 kids

Bags were made ready.  All the supplies had to be purchased for this workday. More supplies will be purchased

Throughout the year but we have made a good start.
January started out with a very large event in Sacramento, The East Rider Bike Show. We thank all who came to

 help at this event. We were gone on a much needed vacation, the team from JC and Us did a very good job at this event. Here is a write up from some team members.

Richard and Charlotte Driver, We had a wonderful experience at the Easy Riders Event in Sacramento. We

Had the privilege of experiencing what the Ministry has to do before an event. It is indeed a labor of Love for the Lord.  To set up and break down is definitely strenuous work. But the Lord provided extra hands, and we were truly thankful for the opportunity to serve. We met so many interesting people. One Couple in Particular Shared Their Story.

They are part of a motorcycle club in Sacramento. The lady was surfing the net and contemplating suicide. We stopped to listen as she told us everything was in place for taking her own life. She called a number for counseling.

This call was to a man, who happened to be on the internet at 3AM. She didn’t expect him to call her back, but he did. He was a minister and ready to present the plan of salvation, even before she told him what she was planning to

Do. She accepted the Lord as her Savior. They started communicating and soon were married. Now she and he are spreading the gospel and sharing their testimony.

We gave over 200 bags to the children and their grandparents. They were so happy to receive the bags with a wonderful book to read about God. This is a blessing to engage children in reading a colorful book about God and how much He Loves them. The face painting was a real blast, children and adults partaking in the event. It was my first tie to have my face painted. We were blessed to see Greg West pray for a family, we know that God will give the increase in His own time. We were all instruments, being used by God.

Thank God for this Wonderful ministry.


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By Greg West

January 14th , JC and US attended the annual Easy Rider Bike Show at the Sacramento Convention Center. We

Had Two (2) booths to fill and make the Ministry presence known to the many that were attending the event. Many

Walked by and were introduced to the ministry by accepting many of the free items on our tables. They were actually accepting an item that pointed to our Lord Jesus as a means by which they can have a renewed life and receive the wondrous gift offered, that of Eternal life with God.

The table was constantly filled with various types of books that speak of the Grace of God in Jesus Christ. We

Entered the show having 200 children’s packets to extend to children, parents, Grandparents. Each packet encompassed  various items that would speak to children on their level of understanding about the good news

There is in Jesus. It was mid afternoon when we ran out of those packets. We also ran out of various supplies, all

Pointing to the love of God in Jesus. By the end of the show we were down to bare bones  on the materials to give away.

Look folks, we live in a world that increasingly wants to believe in a loving God who cares enough to meet each

Of us where we are at individually. The many who took some item into their homes after this event are numerous beyond a count that can be given. The outreach of the Holy Spirit far exceeds what we can fathom.

Romans 10:14 New American Standard Bible

“ How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?” While we did not 

get on a platform and preach the gospel, I like to think the Holy Spirit is the one that is doing the preaching through all the books, literature, Love extended, to the masses that were introduced to the Ministry of Love  at this past event.

What a great way to start off the year of service, all who receive this newsletter we consider you part of the team. WE THANK YOU!

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The next Praise I have entitled, THE MIRACLE IN THE DARKEST TIME . It’s about Monte and Pam Perlin.

January 26th there was a Blizzard on Big Bear Mountain where Monte and Pam Live. She had been ill for more than

Two weeks with pneumonia, and had gone to the doctor at different times and was set home with some medicines.

The medicine wasn’t working and Pam got really sick. Monte put her in the car at 4 AM , and because there was a Blizzard on the Mountain he went down to the city near the hospital and called 911 so an ambulance came and took her to the hospital.( The safe travel down the mountain was a miracle in itself in the stormy conditions).

Their son Sammy passed away 6 years ago with the same illness at the age of 34.

These are the Texts that we received from Monte

February 7th , she’s sedated again now, because yesterday everything went backwards.

Just meant with doctor , he said all stable, which is good although we need improvement, we have 6 days to try getting tube out or it’s tracheotomy, we hope not to have to do that.

February 8th ,   Hey great news, just this morning . The peep numbers for a healthy body is 5 , she has been at 15 and 13. This morning it went to 5!!! Yeah I’m so excited!!!          Oxygen is 45 instead of 60 or 75 --- 40 is the perfect

Goal so we are getting close. Thank You for Prayers. They say  if she stays as is then tomorrow they will take out the


Feb9th the tube got taken out today, talking, smiling, etc.

Feb 10th tube’s out, maybe eat today and maybe out of ICU.

Now Pam is at physical therapy place, all counts are good. Be there for about a week. She lost a lot of weight and is weak.

While Pam was sedated, Monte was told by the Doctor; Pam may not come out of this.

While Pam was sedated , she made a trip to Heaven, she saw Sammy, her son. He was singing and playing a  gold

Guitar to some children.

The Lord asked her if she wanted to stay, Sammy said “No mom dad needs you”. It was the same time Monte was praying the Pam would be healed.

That was the day that Pam made the big turnaround for the better. The Miracle in the Darkest Time

Monte and Pam wish to Give GOD the Glory for what he has done and to say Thank You for the Prayers.

The Next newsletter will be in May after the Elk Grove Western Festival May 7th and 8th. Workers are needed

For this large event. Come and join us at the Sunday Service at 10AM at the Park. We are excited to see where  the

Lord  will lead us this coming year.


                                                                                                        In HIS SERVICE;

                                                                  Rich and Jennie Hardesty