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                                                                                   January - March 2018



New YEAR a New Start.  2017 had a lot of blessings through the hard times.  God is faithful when times were hard He sent someone by to help us.  We are grateful.   Psalm 100:1-2 Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands. Serve the Lord with gladness. That’s are desire to Serve the Lord.  You are our partners in His Service.  We THANK YOU our Ministry credit card bills got paid off.

Richard's brother Cliff passed away December 24, his going home service was in January 2017. He is now home with his wife Linda and their daughter Janicse. Pray for the family, Janicse's sister Sherrie, Jim, Janicse's husband and Daughter Emily, who is awaiting a kidney transplant

There are still biker events in the winter months but no long distance events.  But this is a time to get ready for them.  Purchasing the supplies and having work days. Jan 6th was the first work day we packed 200 kids bags for the Easy Rider Event at the Convention Center in Sacramento; it was a one day big event.  All types of bikers attended this event, many opportunities to pray, witness and share God’s Love.  Handing out these Gospel goodies bags to the kids.  200 children walked away with the message of God’s Love for them.   There are different reasons for coming to this event, to see the beautiful bikes, see the Easy Rider Girls, biker vendors that were there. I would say none came to received Gospel Goodies for the young and older event goers. There were different Christian Biker Clubs there.  J C and Us Ministries try to reach to younger ones too, in turn will reach their parents.  With goodie bags and free face painting.  One full day of witnessing for our Lord.

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                                                          Easy Rider Event at the Convention Center in Sacramento


The Ministry had another work day March 3rd, at our home, getting ready for the outreaches to follow.  We appreciate the ladies from the Priscilla Circle (this circle is from our Church, they help missionaries around the world, they help J C and Us Ministry through the year) plus the circle will be making biker bears so we can get them out to hurting children and the to rest home in Sturgis.  We appreciate all who came out to help at both work days and Ministry outreaches. Plus we are very grateful for the ones that support the Ministry with their gifts and prayers.  

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In the past three months there has been four different Memorial Services to attend.  All have been ready to meet their Savior.

Rich just got his back brace off for four weeks, then our car broke down, took it to a shop to see what was wrong with it, found out it would cost a lot for them to fix it. Rich was going to get it and fix the car himself with his tow truck, but that broke down.  He went to Elk Grove to pick up the part for the tow truck, while he was in the middle turn lane on his motorcycle a car hit him, it was the other guys fault.  Rich was taken to the hospital by ambulance, he has injuries that will take time to heal.  Now we have a broken car, tow truck, broken motorcycle and broken Rich.  Its becomes hard for me sometimes, but we are to do what Isaiah 40:31 says, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary: and they shall walk and not faint.”

The next outreach will be in May at the Elk Grove Western Festival. We will set up May 4th event 5th and 6th with a busy booth, Christian Music playing on stage by the booth, Sunday Service on stage at 10 am.  If you live nearby you are very welcome to come by and serve at the booth and come to the Worship Service at 10am by our booth. 

The Ministry Fellowship breakfast and ride with change the time IN MAY FROM 9AM TO 8AM at the Barn Café in Sheldon.  It will be at 8am through the summer months.

We are looking forward to a full year of Service to Him.  We appreciate your prayers, support and we sure need God’s Wisdom in everything that we do.

More outreaches to follow June 1-3 Spring Vibrations in Reno June 28-July 4thFire Works booth with Feeding God’s Children, Sturgis August 3-12th, (If anyone has a one ton pick up that like to pull trailers, come to Sturgis with our Ministry trailer) Fall Vibrations august 3-12th.  

               There are other outreaches in the making, not sure of the dates yet.  Visit us on face book, web page           

   , or give Rich a call 916-599-0705


                                                                                                            In HIS SERVICE;

                                                                  Rich and Jennie Hardesty  


                                                                            A Note from our Chaplin Greg       


The big day has arrived. You thought it would never get here. You have put out maximum effort especially in this last year as you needed to pull your GPA up and catch up on a few classes that you let slip a semester or two ago. You’ve taken a look at yourself time and time again making sure the gown and cap fit/set just right on you. You practice moving your tassel from one side of the cap to the other. Everything seems so perfectly set except for that one last toss of the cap into the air in celebration of your graduation.

The pomp and ceremony is over now and all that is left to do is walk across the stage, shake the principle’s hand and lay hold of the long awaited diploma enshrined within the padded folder.

Ahhhh, what satisfaction! I have it! It’s in my hands. I can’t help having a little smug look as there is now nothing they can do to get it back. It’s mine, all mine! I am done!

Shortly after, dad asks to see your diploma and upon opening the folder he asks, “What is this?” and proceeds to slip from the folder a note indicating your diploma will be given you once certain library books are returned or paid for.

A humorous but true story. 

Ever had your hopes dashed? Great expectation, anticipation of something good fall flat on its face?

Throughout God’s word we find many that set themselves up to be disappointed by putting trust in something or someone that would not deliver anything but disappointment to the false expectations established. This often happens when we place any dependence on human intellect.

Recall 11 disciples who had a false expectation of what Jesus was going to be for them.  They met in an upper locked room fearing for their lives and wondering what tomorrow held. I think it would be a correct venture to say we would most likely be joining them should we have been a part of that event in history. However something very unexpected happened. The one they put an earthly hope in with false expectation replaced their hope with an eternal purpose and expectation.  A living hope. One that changed the course of history and changes the trajectory of one’s life because it deals with now and eternity.

My dear friends and family, the Easter event known as the Resurrection of Jesus Christ within a couple of weeks will be pondered the world over. This single event is the reason we can have a changed life now and be assured of our eternal salvation. Jesus does not and will not disappoint.

Jesus says in John 5:24…” I tell you the truth, whoever hears my Word and believes Him that sent me has Eternal Life and will not come into condemnation; he has crossed over from death to life.”

The apostle Paul writes in Romans 10:9…If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

May the disappointments of this life be overwhelmed by the living hope in Jesus.

Chaplain Greg