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                                                                                              January - February 2015


Hello all Ministry partners.  A new year has already started and we are excited to see what the Lord has planned for J C and Us Ministries.

With the nice weather we have had so far this year we have been able to get out the motorcycles and ride.  We have been busy doing a lot of different motorcycle outreach events during the weekends and meetings during the week.

The first Saturday of the month in February our Fellowship Breakfast and ride started off at Mikes Diner in Elk Grove.  We enjoyed a time of fellowship and breakfast then rode to our home and had more fellowship, lunch and a time to get a lot of the supplies ready for service.  We truly thank all who came to help. A few that came are in this picture.






Hundreds of socks were folded with the track in side entitled “What Path Are You Taking?”   Hundreds of kid’s supplies were bagged up and ready to put in their bag after they decorated them and others kids bags ready for Sturgis.

100 plus shower bags are ready, even before this date, ministry partners where helping.  Marlene from Lodi makes all the beautiful shower bags.  Cleaning supplies were bagged up in advance and items were donated to put in the bags, plus much more was purchased in advance.  Cleaning supplies to clean your body and books in the bags telling how to clean your heart. There is always so much to do. 

All the tracts had to be printed and cut.  100’s of Scripture Rags are printed up and Don and Lenda are folding them up.  Plus kid’s bags are being sewn and ready plus all the cut outs for the bags are being done, Loretta is busy knitting beautiful head bands for the ladies at Sturgis Rest Home.  It’s a team effort and WE THANK THE TEAM for labor in love for their Savior, financial support for the Ministry and prayers.

Last year J C and Us Ministries had three new members to join the team, this year started off with two new members Richard and Charlotte joined the Ministry team



A big home town event is coming up and we invite all to come and join in the Ministry at the booth.


This year besides the Ministry booth, Streams in the Desert with be playing on Saturday, along with Howard,

R ob and Greg.  SUNDAY is another special day with a Worship Service at 10 o’clock by our booth. Then more Christian music will be on the stage by the booth Please come and join in the fellowship and time to serve our Lord and Savior in the Park.  Believe it or not there are many going down the wrong road of life in Elk Grove and we need to reach them for our Savior.

There may be a new rally that we will be joining in July in Washington State before heading to Sturgis S.D.

If the Lord wants us there, we will go. 

NEW MEETING  TIME for the Fellowship Breakfast and Ride starting in April, Breakfast the same place Mike’s but the new time starting in April will be 8 am, the weather is getting nice and we start earlier so we have more time to ride.  This is just a few of upcoming Outreaches. If we are home we will be busy Serving Him here at biker events and getting supplies ready, if we are away at others outreaches we will still be busy. 

May 2nd First Saturday Ride Day we will be meeting at Mikes Diner at 8 am then ride over to the Western

Festival  to start a Full Ministry Day there.

We appreciate our faithful supporters so very much and we say a special prayer of Blessing as we put your newsletter in the envelope. 

                                                                                                              New Fellowship Ride Time

                                                                                                        8AM First Saturday of the Month



Rich and Jennie Hardesty