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                                                                                                     JULY And AUGUST 2016



Psalm 34:22 Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. These past two months have been full of Blessings and cares. Blessings: when Ministry workers came to help at the Fireworks booth and when our church let us have a booth for two Sundays before Sturgis.  I know that gave us extra prayer power and support.  The Ministry team also came over to help pack the trailer for Sturgis and help fix our electrical problems with the trailer lights and RV. In addition, on the way to Sturgis we stopped at Samís Club for fuel and were Blessed to have the RV bus filled with fuel by a team member.  WE THANK ALL WHO BLESSED THE MINISTRY.


                                                                                               When we broke down 70 miles into our trip the Blessings we had before helped us with our problems.  The break downs we had before in July were small compared to the problems now.  Our axel broke on the bus.  Rich got the RV almost off the highway when it happened and a tow truck came to pull us off more, however none would come to tow us home.  A mechanic came to try to fix the problem to get us home and failed.  We made many phone calls to CHP and tow companies, but no one would tow us.  With the axel broken on the RV bus it had to be put on a trailer.  After one company turned us down 3 times, finally our prayers were answered when our daughter Kim called her friend Dan who had connections with a tow company and asked them to come get us.  After being turned down by this company three times, we were on our way home 24 hours later.  We had left on Monday, broke down, came home Tuesday at midnight, then Wednesday we loaded our Bounder and left late afternoon with Ron who was joining us for the Ministry trip.  Itís a big load for the Bounder but it made it to Sturgis Friday at midnight. 

Once at Sturgis, Rich had battery problems with his bike and had to go to Rapid City for another battery.  On the way back to Sturgis my axel broke on the trike; Rich did a temporary repair to get it back to camp but then it broke again.

Rich said it was a nightmare repairing it; he didnít have any of the right tools but with the help from some of the Christian bikers at camp we got it repaired. The trike is needed for the Ministry outreach.

sturgis 3pg12016.jpg (253141 bytes)    sturgis 2pg12016.jpg (184255 bytes) Around 100 shower bags were given put, Items to clean your body, and God's Word to Cleanse your Soul in the Bag.

Our home at Sturgis is at Gentle Eagle, a campground by Sturgis that is run by a Bob and Chris. Bob was the pastor at a Baptist Church in Sturgis, and then the Lord led him and his wife Chris to have this campground. Many lives have been changed because of this camp: many bikers come to Sturgis to party, but when they arrive here its different and they can tell. There is Prayer before each meal, and the love of Jesus is shown in many different ways. It is open to any biker, and there were around 150 campers there. If you camp there it is only $15 a night, which includes a complimentary breakfast and dinner. Jennie would start each day by being in the kitchen from 6-10 am and 3-8pm for dinner, except for two mornings when she went to the streets of Sturgis early to do street ministry. Chrisís mother passed away so she had to leave for Colorado on Tuesday for the Service; the team that was there helped to take care of the camp. It was a hard week for her too, when we have no strength God give us HIS strength to get us through. Jennie loved to work with the team in the kitchen and serve each camper while getting to know them and praying with some. J C and US Ministries had a table there with free shower bags, Bibles etc.

                           sturgis 4pg22016.jpg (184214 bytes)   sturgis 5pg22016.jpg (224489 bytes)    sturgis 6pg22016.jpg (372208 bytes)

Bob and Chris did a wonderful with the music, Jennie shared with Randy, Rich gave the message at each Sunday Service. The first one he shared his testimony when his parents and sister got killed on the way to South Dakota in a car accident when he was 18 years old.

We had two Sunday Services and a service on Wed. with Ron who rode with us; he gave his testimony, that he was dead for more than 3 hours and God healed him. Also we did a service at the rest home in Sturgis

  sturgis 8pg22016.jpg (168392 bytes)          sturgis 9pg22016.jpg (167456 bytes)

We joined in with other Christian Biker Groups; Larry with Locked Down For The Lord; Larry is the one that was lead to do this special service. They had music, sharing Godís Word and a skit with Randy. Each one received a special gift a Biker Bear that carried a little verse John 3:16 and a angel necklace.

The first Sunday, some of the Christian groups met around the Hells Fighters place where they have a big cross. Itís right off the highway, so everyone that passes by sees the cross. There we gather around for songs, testimony, and prayer and dedication for the week that is to come to work for our Lord and Savior. For street ministry during the day Jennie would bring out Randy to help give out Sturgis Scripture Rags. We would also give out kids bags, key rings with a message of Godís love and a Ministry card with the picture of the bikes and the plan of Salvation on the back.

sturgis 7pg22016.jpg (179656 bytes)     sturgis 10pg22016.jpg (270321 bytes)

Jennie and Randy working the Streets of Sturgis sitting on the trike.

Gave out lots of kids bags on the Street. Full of wonderful Christian Books for kids. Every item has something about Jesus on it of course the plan of Salvation with our phone number.

    Around 700 were reached on the street with the Gospel items we gave out. Each evening if the weather permitted it Rich would go out to the streets of Sturgis with other Christian men. It was great to see a team going out on their motorcycles to tell others about Jesusí love.    The week was very busy. It was full of the Gospel with our services and one-on-one ministry. We prayed with many and had a few that almost gave their lives to Jesus but turned away. Still, there was one Salvation in addition to witnessing to many. We did our best, the Lord does the rest.  Would like to share a few more pictures. 

sturgis 12pg32016.jpg (254195 bytes)   sturgis 15pg32016.jpg (159602 bytes)          


Ron is the one in the first picture, he rode up with us and he is the one that was dead for 3 hours; he shared his testimony at camp.

( he is the one facing the two men)                   Rich is sharing with this man,  With the painting on the bikes It shows the Salvation story.

                          sturgis 11pg22016.jpg (135463 bytes)   sturgis 14pg32016.jpg (149648 bytes)   sturgis 13pg32016.jpg (228027 bytes)     


Two hard working groups that come to Sturgis; 

Hell Fighters 1st picture-dedication Service at the foot of the Cross. Second Picture- Bike Wash team from Minnesota, Mike and Paula that lead it, they are standing by the trike. They bring a bus load of young people to share Godís Love in many ways. One way is to wash bikes. Last picture is my good friend Elaine, she lives in Rapid City, and we work together in the kitchen

WE LIKE TO THANK ALL who support the MINISTRY in many ways. THANK you for being our MINISTRY PARTNERS.

The Ministry has done more outreaches then before and we have our problems (cares), He will sustain us. We appreciate all your prayers and support.



Fellowship Ride Ė first Saturday of each month-Mikes Dinner in Elk Grove 9 am

Street Vibrations September 21 -25th Booth, Service on Sunday

NEW EVENT for the Ministry

October 8th - 85th Annual Fowler Fall Festival Ė Pansak Park, Fowler Ė the Ministry will have a booth there

These are the Ministry outreaches besides the other events with MMA and Harley Davidson groups.