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                                                                                                     August 2017 - Sturgis Ministry                    


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The Sturgis Ministry was great! I donít want to have the accident overtake the Great Ministry we had in Sturgis. Our hearts is full of blessings and itís hard to put it down on paper. Especially with a brain that doesnít work right.

Our Church, Creekside Christian Church, let us have a booth for two Sundays to get support for the Ministry trip to Sturgis, That was a Blessing.

Not sure even if we could do the Ministry trip to Sturgis with our transmission broke on the motor home around $3000 to repair. We knew if the Lord wanted us to go the motor home would get fixed. We received the motor home on Friday left the following Monday for Sturgis. We have no front air conditioner that works on the motor home we just had the roof air but then that broke, the crossing of Nevada was very HOT, so we purchased some hand held spray bottles with a fan to keep us cooler. Made some phone calls every one was booked up, but there is a little town by Sturgis that worked us in to replace the air conditioner. That was $1200. to fix it but we needed it.

Our home base while at Sturgis is Gentle Eagle Campground. Its owned By Bob and Chris, wonderful l Christian couple, they charge real reasonable rates, serve complimentary breakfast and dinner, but their main desire is to be a light for our Lord. Jennie enjoys working it the kitchen starting at 6:30 am for breakfast then dinner 4:30 to 7:30 pm. God gave Chris three Christian ladies to be the main help in the kitchen all the time, along with others that came to help part of the time. At the camp we set up a free table of Gospel items including shower bags filled with items to clean your body and heart.

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God Gave Chris 3 Wonderful Christian ladies to help in the Kitchen, Clean rest Rooms & Cabins. Elaine, Claudia, Annette. Plus others                      Free Hell Fighter New Testaments, and other items including Kids Bags, Scripture Rags

in this picture who helped when they could in the kitchen. It was a real joy working with them. These ladies are not bikers, but working                    and shower Bags all Hand made by Marlene Towle.

at this camp is a real place of service for our Lord. It's a blessing, and there is room for You to help next year.

The first Sunday started off with a worship service at camp. One salvation at camp even before the service started; Rich got to lead Ronald to the Lord. Then off to the bike wash place that is held at a church in Sturgis where Michael and Paula bring a bus load of well- trained young people to wash the bikes, while ministering to the bikers. Richard Bigger joined in with the bike wash each day Monday Ė Thursday to help. Itís a real blessing to help at this place,

Then off to Hell Fighters where they have a dedication service with many other Christian Biker groups 2pm Sunday.

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                                                      1st picture Ronald and Rich, Sunday Service; Music led by Chris and Andy, Randy and Jennie, 

                                                                                                     Rich closing off the service with a message

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Leaders of the Bike Wash Michael and Paula, James and Richard B helping set up for the Bike Wash.                                   Founders of Hell fighters Richard and Gina. They print many

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          great tools to reach the Lost; including Hells Fighter New Testaments

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 T his is at their headquarters in Sturgis dedication Sunday

                          The street ministry was fantastic. Over 1,000 cards were handed out with a picture of our motorcycle and trike with the plan of salvation on the back. We 

                          worked the streets of Sturgis three mornings, and Rich went out with the guys just about every evening. Our bikes are a draw, with the painting on the bikes 

                          it opens the door to witness to many. We passed out over 120 kids bags, along with scripture rags, gospel coins, and leather key rings.

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                                                                                                   Sturgis is a great place to work with other Christians. Rich enjoyed working with 

                                                                                   James from Canada, Bill and Richard Bigger with the Street Ministry.

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                                                          Working the Streets of Sturgis giving out free kids bags, filled with the message of Godís Love. On the last Saturday we headed 

                                                        for the streets early to get the right spot but that morning Jennie was lead to bring a shower bag along too. After we had breakfast, 

                                                        came back to the bikes there was a man named Christopher sitting on the bench by our bikes. We got to love on him a lot with the 

                                                     Love of Jesus, he needed the shower bags, Rich got him something to eat, he shared his story on how he got where he is, his heart was

                                                       broken. He needs Jesus to fix him as only He can.

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                                               First picture Jennie with Christopher. Rest Home pictures Ėpictures of the gift we gave them, hand made by Loretta Seals. 

                                                                                                  Last picture is the team that did the program at the home.

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                                                                    Last Sunday Service; Chris and Bob lead in the Music, and Rich B shared his testimony, along with Jennie and Randy 

                                                    Rich closed the service with a short message. The Sunday closed off with a worship service this time Rich B shared his testimony too.

The Ministry Time in Sturgis was amazing GOOD, canít put it in to works the Blessing we had. Street Ministry, Camp Ministry, kitchen Ministry, prayer with many including a lady who had a bad accident on the motorcycle, rest home ministry, working with other Christian for His glory.

The way home from Sturgis started out good, spent the night just outside of Casper at a rest area, started out early Monday morning, Jennie was driving and the motor home. It didnít want to go up the big hills very well, I thought it was the transmission giving us trouble again. I didnít look at the heat gauge until Rich said I should, it was too late the engine was HOT. The radiator hose blew causing the engine to get hot. When it quit we were about 40 miles from Rawlins, Wy. No cells service, but we saw a farm home a few miles away. We wanted to unload the Harley and Rich was going to find a land line to call for a tow truck, we were on a hill so the back door of the trailer didnít want to open. The door is electric with a cable, and it has a safety clip so the door will not open all the way at once it malfunctions. Rich told me to go back of the trailer and pull on the door, it is very heavy, and the door came down fast all I remember is hitting my head on the road when the door fell on top of me. I was out for about 15 min. no one would stop to help Rich get me out, so he went into the Road to stop traffic, it took two men to get the door off of me, plus someone stopped with a radio to call a ambulance and EMT person stopped to. When the ambulance was taking me to the hospital I was very sick, vomiting, low blood presser, and hurting. I thought this is my last ride, didnít know how Rich was going to handle it with a broken motor home, and a wife in heaven. I thought I was going to pass away with a man in the ambulance that I didnít even know.

They wouldnít let Rich ride in the ambulance they said he had to wait for the tow truck, he waited for about 15 min. He then unloaded the Harley that was difficult to do because it was on a slant. He rode about 35 miles in a hale storm toward Rawlins, saw a tow truck coming turned around and rode back in the storm, got him taken care of, rode back in the storm to the hospital.

I had a skull fracture, two brain bleeds, and a very score leg. Rich got to the hospital safe when they were stitching me up. Got released from the hospital on Wed. and our motor home engine was broken. Darrell and Marvin Schuh wanted to pick us up, but things didnít work out. Kim and Alan were going to leave Friday night drive all the way pick us up be back by Sunday night, but God had a better plan. We received a call from Andy, Bob and Chris's son-in-law, he lives 1 hour from Canada in North Dakota. Andy had six days off, offered to pick us up with Bobís 1 ton truck to tow our trailer home also. God supplies, what a blessing that was. Andy picked us up Thursday afternoon along with his wife Abagale, arrived home Saturday morning.

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                                                                                        Home at last, Andy and Abagale, with the nice truck.

                                                                             2017 Streets of Sturgis, looking forward to next year, Lord Willing

I lost my hearing in the right ear, no taste or smell, and dizzy. Will take some time to get healed up. Have to make the trip back to Wyoming to pick up the motor home when they get the engine fixed about $4600 plus travel.

We are so very grateful for all the phone calls, visits, food, care, cards, prayers, and support.

God has put the desire in our heart to do this Ministry, until He takes the desire away we want to do HIS will.

Romans 5:3 and we rejoice in the hope, of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character and character, hope.

We THANK all who has supported Hope for Emily too. More events coming up. Emily's mother Janicse started her treatments for cancer. She got very ill, now it has spread into her bones. Praying for a Miracle.

Upcoming events

First Saturday Fellowship Breakfast and Ride 8 am at The Barn Cafť

Sept. 26-Oct 1 St Vibrations-booth

October 7th Fowler town celebration and parade-booth

More events to come. Contact Rich 9165990705

There are always day motorcycle events to take part in.                                                      In HIS Service

                                                                                    Rich and Jennie Hardesty